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Diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease at the age of seven, I was given the purpose of a lifetime - the challenge to teach others that adversity and fulfillment coexist. I had no idea the life and passions that would come out of my unique experiences with disability - my love for visual creation, public speaking, and youth empowerment being just a few of these things. My experience in advocating for youth voice in non-profit settings, throughout post secondary transition, the education system, and in many pockets of life where youth with disabilities advocate for change. 


Join me as I discover the infinite power of empathy in a world full of uncertainty from the perspective of a 22 year old living with a rare disability. 

The University of Toledo -

Bachelors in Marketing Communications &

Disability Studies


- Transition Discoveries Initiative 

- George Washington University - Marketing/Student Relations

- Charcot Marie Tooth Association Youth Movement

- Youth Empowerment Transition Initiative (YETI) - NTACT:C 

- Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit Open Keynote Panelist

- Arizona IDEA Featured Speaker - 2023


Youth Engagement

Social Media Management

Public Speaking

Youth Peer Coaching

Disability Policy



Through the power of relationships, community, and storytelling - uniqueness holds the potential to be a catalyst for purpose. I live to empower other young people learning to embrace the elements of this purpose - with the hopes we will all embrace beauty in circumstance.


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