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Imagine you live with a backpack of bricks on your back at all times:

Some days you feel strong and unstoppable. Some days you wonder why you have to carry bricks. Some days you feel fatigued and exhausted. Some days you feel empowered. Some days you need help. Some days you need a whole team…  


For me, I started carrying that backpack at age seven when I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. CMT is a neurological progressive disorder that effects my brain's capability to communicate with the rest of my body successfully. I believe people that live with disease like CMT are warriors - not for simply living with such a disease, but for thriving with what can feel like a heavy load. My greatest hope is to share a sense of intentional optimism, reveal my personal battle against a society that doesn’t prioritize accessibility, and to embody all that love is to help others carrying their own backpack right now.

My name is Erin Black, I am 20 years old, and I am from Cleveland, OH. I am a full time student studying Disability Studies and Public Relations at the University of Toledo discovering my passion for media and advocacy. Thank you for being here.
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